Monday, August 18, 2014

SHUKC Defensive Players to watch

by David Brox,

I got a question on "Ask" about which defensive players I am excited to see this year.  I got to thinking and decided that there is no way I could sit and type that out on my phone.  Mainly because there are many players that will look to claim All SHUKC honors in 2014.

My expectation would be that the players that made our 2013 team raise their games to a higher level.

Colton Beebe (Piper) is a 3 time all SHUKC performer, 2 time defensive POY and holds D1 offers.  So needless to say that he will be the favorite coming into this season.  This could be the biggest challenge for Beebe though this year because everyone is going to game plan around him.  He could get doubled, chipped and possibly triple teamed.  Can the rest of the Piper defense make plays around him to discourage that strategy.

Rodney McNeal (Schlagle) burst onto the scene last year for the Stallions in a big way.  Well over 100 tackles McNeal displayed a unique amount of athleticism.  There is a big contrast between his finesse style of play vs the power of Beebe.

Jared Sommers (Tonganoxie) is a real athlete that flat makes plays for Tonganoxie.  Decent size for him in the secondary.  He will need to play a bigger role on offense this year so we will see if this impacts him on the defensive side of the ball.

Phillip Randle (Schlagle) was a stand out on the DL last year for Schlagle.  All SHUKC performer who was among area leaders in sacks.  Young man was just a sophomore so we have two more years to see him develop.

Travon Jones (Piper) will be back for the Pirates at safety.  All SHUKC performer in 2013 will look to take full advantage of the rushed throws that will be made due to the front 7's pressure.

Steven Peoples (Washington) is a bulldog  (no pun) on the defensive line for the Wildcats.  He is mean and has a raw stregnth to manhandle players at this level.  Routinely he got penetration into opponents back field.  He will free up the linebackers for sure as I expect double teams this year for him.

Christian Jegen (Mill Valley) will look to build an island on the outside of the Jaguars defense.  I was impressed when they let him line up one on one with Khalil Bailey last year.  Bailey beat everyone personally but the game was a blowout so the match up didn't really materialize.

Bryan Barnhart (Bishop Ward) plain and simple is a play maker.  Just like Eric Thomas says, he will out work you.  He is asked to do so much on both sides of the ball that it is amazing to me to watch.

Kalem Harrison (Washington) is a D1 prospect.  He has the frame, speed and attitude to play at the next level.  I have to admit that I wasn't giving him the props he deserved although he made our All SHUKC defensive team.  I got locked in on him at QB but Harrison has my full attention now on both sides of the ball.  College coaches need to go check this kid out.  Perfect frame for a DB with his basketball skills migrating over to the football field.

These players do not get a free pass onto the 2014 team.  So don't think that these young men are penciled into their spots.  Our team is about what you do this year and here are a few players that can make some noise.

David Terrell of Bonner had over 80 tackles for Bonner in 2013 and returns to see if he can build on those numbers.  This will be an interesting study for Terrell this year and Kyle Dumler won't be in the middle taking up two and three blockers every snap.  He will be a player I am watching.

We will stay with LB's and talk about Steven Ford at Wyandotte.  He had one of the biggest stops I have seen late in the Wyandotte vs Washington game last year.  The game was sick (check it out below).  Anyway he stuffs the play giving Wyandotte a shred of hope for the win.  He is a play maker on defense.

Its time for Dai Coye Haley to burst onto the scene in SHUKC land.  Dan Anderson graduated on that DL and he will have to go to work.  He will rely on leadership from Chase Grippen and Josh Munsen but I am predicting this kid breaks out this year.  Keep an eye on Grippen as well for Atchison.  He plays with a chip on his shoulder.

Wykeen Gill came within a eye lash of being on the All SHUKC defensive team.  Well maybe not an eye lash but I did watch his film at corner.  If he can step up and get some picks this year he may be a contender.  The starting point guard for the basketball team should be able to bring some of that toughness to the football field.

Jahron McPherson for Basehor was another player we looked at last year at corner.  He started taking a heavier load at RB for Basehor which may have worn him down a bit.  One of the few returning playmakers for Basehor.

Sumner has some intrigue at LB with Leonard Green, Brian Cobbins, Mike Singleton and Sion Midgyett all return and look to do something that Sumner has really struggled with.  STOP SOMEONE!  I am calling you guys out.  With these LB's you should be among leaders in run defense.  Make it happen.  This without including Rainey who is another play maker.  No excuses.

Ok a few names we will talk about Sunday with coach Jackson at Harmon.  Sophomore LB Edgar Contreras, senior DL Lester Hall, Darrell Alexander who plays DB and Austin Tudor who is a defensive back.  Coach Jackson has a young group of contributors.  We will see how that comes together.

I am quite certain I have forgotten many so don't take it personal.  This is where I am off the top of the head.


  1. Watch out for Alex Diaz from Lansing. He is one of the best hitters in the KVL and a tackling machine.

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