Wednesday, October 29, 2014

On The Dotte 10/29/2014

by David Brox,

Time certainly flies when you are having fun and this year in the KCAL and KVL we have seen some good performances and some exciting games.  As the final week of the regular season winds down I wanted to give a rundown of the schools who are in the playoffs, fighting for a playoff spot and are looking forward to basketball tryouts November 17th.

We will start with Harmon who will finish up against the Wyandotte and still searching for their first win in over 3 seasons.  Harmon has been outscored 461-82 heading into the game against Wyandotte.  Harmon's last win was Oct 7th, 2011 against Wyandotte!

Bishop Ward who was the story of 2013 were not able to keep any momentum in 2014.  With Cole Henley going out injured it further left this team short-handed.  Bryan Barnhart will finish his career Friday night and one to be proud of.  2560 total yards, 32 TD's, 266 tackles, 17 TFL, 6 INT's.  The integrity of this young man amazes me.  2 wins in 3 years but he played like he was undefeated every week.

Sumner Academy wraps up this week against Miege.  I really don't have a lot of good things to say about this match up.  Play hard and finish strong Sabres.  I am getting a lot of feedback about Leonard Green on top of what I have seen on film.  He is a player to go watch.  Brian Cobbins finishes up his career and will be among school leaders in rushing.

Wyandotte's season will be over Friday night as well and it was a bumpy one for first year coach Mike Lockett who is 1-7 but likely to get the win against Harmon.  With Steve Ford, Antonio Moore and Jeffrice Wilson graduating this year it will be important for the coaching staff to find a new crop of play makers.

Schlagle will wrap up against Washington and appears to have the brightest future in terms of returning talent but will graduate some key pieces.  Greg Sloan will come into next year as a real prospect along with Neil Ruff at RB.

Washington is likely the most disappointed team in 2014.  The expectations were very high from a player and coaching perspective.  It is an unfortunate story the circumstances with player eligibility and the amount of depth on the team but there is no point harping on it.  Javeon Williams played so hard this season and took on a heavy load.  That was a fast 3 years watching Williams and I am proud of what he accomplished.

Turner will wrap up against Mill Valley which will put an end to the roller coaster.  That roller coaster went up very high and then dropped straight back down.  I was very happy to see them find that success and get the attention and exposure they deserved.  Hopefully Coach Milne is able to continue to build.

Atchison who started out 6-0 are starring at 3 straight losses in districts.  Injuries happen and the timing of them for Atchison could not be worse.  Piper will be extremely motivated to get a high seed so don't expect anything but their best Friday.

Mill Valley let everyone know that their tough schedule has them ready to go to work in the playoffs.  If Christian Jegen keeps producing at this pace he will make some noise for post season honors.  He is averaging 10+ yards every single time he touches it.  The defense which has not been discussed much was also very stout against Bonner Springs.

Piper is on a tear right now and I will have a lot more to say about the Pirates in coming weeks.  Three consecutive 50+ points scored has the Pirates looking very strong.  Most importantly is the depth that has been established.  Sterling Owens is emerging as of late and will stand to get a lot of touches in the coming weeks.

The Lansing Lions will play a huge natural rivalry game against Leavenworth.  The Pioneers impressed me against Schlagle and obviously went to work against Washington.  This is a tough match up for Lansing who are in the playoffs but would obviously prefer a top seed.

The Bonner Springs vs St. James Academy game is very intriguing.  Both of these schools a year ago were in the 4A division and ironically enough shared a district.  Now they both move up to 5A and are playing the final district game in a do or die situation.  Last year St. James Academy worked Bonner Springs over pretty good 54-24.  Jonah Freese went for 8 receptions 164 yards and TD last year and will likely need a similar performance if Bonner Springs is going to advance.  Bonner Springs is fighting a very disturbing trend and that is a strong start only to falter at the end of the season.

The game of the week in our area will result in at least one more SHUKC playoff team as Basehor-Linwood squares off against Tonganoxie.  Tonganoxie who took advantage of Atchison's backup QB and RB are in a position now to sneak into the playoffs if they beat the Bobcats.  Jared Sommers has come on strong with Carl Hecht and we will have to see if they have enough to get this done.  Coach Stallbaumer is chasing another playoff appearance and his first with the Bobcats.  Stallbaumer has done a great job this season and will be a coach of the year candidate with a win Friday.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Coaches: Kansas Shrine Bowl Nominations

by David Brox,

I am fortunate enough to get a vote in the Kansas Shrine Bowl and want to make sure that ALL of my coaches at least are aware of how to nominate their seniors that have performed the last few years.  If you have questions please let me know but being nominated is important.


Highlight do's and don'ts

by David Brox,

It is highlight season as seniors look to get one last look, juniors an opportunity to get on colleges watch list and underclassmen looking to find their way.  If you are having an impact at the varsity level then you should create a highlight.  Football unlike basketball has limited opportunities to show what you can do in live game situations.  I want to share some tips I have used in highlights I have put together for players.

1.  Highlights should be 4-6 minutes.  You will be damn lucky if you get someone to watch that long but this is the window that you have to impress coaches.

2.  No music.  You can have music for your personal copy but college coaches don't want to hear your taste in music.  I am sure they will just turn it down but you don't want to load your highlight up with your favorite explicit band or rapper.

SHUKC Spotlight: Preston Pyles (Bonner Springs)

by David Brox,

The Bonner Springs Braves have had a solid season on offense but the defense has been making some plays as well.  One of the senior leaders on the team is Preston Pyles who plays LB.  The 6'0 244 pound Pyles through 6 games has collected 33 tackles, 3 TFL and 1 sack in 2014.  Check out his highlights in 2014.

SHUKC Spotlight: Sean Pahls (Piper)

by David Brox,

We learned a bit about Sean Pahls during our interview on SHUKC's Sports Pass.  30 pounds of good weight during the off season saw him turn into a 6'3 196 pound DE for the Pirates.  That transformation saw his sack total triple from 2013 in just 8 games in 2014.

26 tackles and 3 sacks as a sophomore.  44 tackles, 4 sacks and 5 TFL as a junior.  58 tackles, 12.5 sacks and 14 TFL so far this season.  Some kids just have a growth spurt but growth with hard work has paid off for Pahls.  Check out his highlights so far this season and you will see his play making ability.

By the way he scored a 32 on his ACT.  Colleges should give this young man a look not just as a player but as a student.

2014 KVL All League Boy's Soccer

by David Brox,

First team:


First Team:

Bailey Weeks - MVHS (12)
Hayden Vomhof - MVHS (10)
Kyle Caldwell - Tonganoxie (12)
Trent Jones - Bishop Ward (12)

Second Team:

Chandler Carey - Basehor-Linwood (10)
Jesus Bravo - Turner (12)
Luke Smith - Piper (12)
Taner Shipman - Bonner Springs (12)

Honorable Mention:

Christian Howe - MVHS (11)
David Jones - Turner (12)
Fransisco Lopez-Torres - Turner (12)
Mark Lopez - Bishop Ward (12)
Ramon Conejo - Bishop Ward (12)
Ryan Kobulnicky - Lansing (11)


First Team:

Austin Dyche - MVHS (12)

Second Team:

Sullivan Ford - Piper (12)

Honorable Mention:

Alex Kroll - Tonganoxie (11)


First Team:

Cameron Rohr - MVHS (12)

Second Team:

Trenton Sadrakula - Bishop Ward (11)

Honorable Mention:

Jacob Kraus - Bonner Springs (12)
Chris Moe - Lansing (12)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

SHUKC Spotlight: Travon Jones (Piper)

by David Brox,

We are having a Piper film festival today as Travon Jones shares his 2014 highlights.  Jones who is one of a few players that play both offense and defense for the Pipers.  Jones was named to our 2013 All SHUKC Defensive team but has emerged as a threat in the Pirate backfield.

60 car 432 yards and 5 TD's and has another 93 receiving and 128 return yards through 7 games.  Throw in 18 tackles, 1 INT and 5 pass deflections.  Jones a member of the league champion 4x100 team can run with anyone in the league.  He is a part of the big 3 in the Piper back field and averaging 7+ yards per carry has helped the Pirates to their 6-1 record. 

Not to make excuses but a fun stat on Jones is his 3 TD's returned by penalty.  Of course we will never know if the penalty sprung the play but he no doubt has to pause before he celebrates.