Saturday, December 20, 2014

Scores 12/19/2014

by David Brox,

Sorry I am late.

Bonner Springs girls shake things up a bit getting revenge against Piper 40-37.  Haley White of Piper was able to hit a 3 to take the lead at 37-36 but Bonner Springs scored the last 4 to get the win.  This win means a bit more because it is in league and most importantly on the road.  A lot of hype from me specifically about Piper so Bonner Springs looking at claiming my number 1 ranking.

The boys needed OT to decide things is a high scoring game 83-78.  Piper held their home floor against the Braves which is very important.  Vince Eskina goes for 32 in the win.  Hate I missed a great game but will watch on film.

Its break time and I will look for some highlights and will release my girls rankings soon.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Commentary: AAU vs High School Basketball

by David Brox,

I got a call from a coach this morning to discuss a comment I made about recruiting in basketball.  I first want to say that I have the utmost respect for all the coaches in the area.  Your service to the community is certainly not about money and doesn't get the type of acknowledgement that it should at times.  I have a standing opinion that recruiting in basketball is dominated at the AAU level.  After my conversations this morning however I need to clarify this stance just a bit.

This is my fourth season of covering basketball in the area and obviously was watching closely a few years prior to that.  I have seen a great group of players year after year and some incredible athletes.  I however have only noted 2 players in this time that have moved on to play D1 basketball.  Benny Parker of Sumner Academy and Joe Schneider of Lansing.  I was watching Reece Holliday at Sumner Academy as well who landed initially at Toledo but is with UMKC now.  Make no mistake every kid I followed 4 years ago and that I watch now have a dream of getting to this level.  The reality however may be somewhere below that.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Scores 12/18/2014

Riana Lawson (Schlagle)
by David Brox,

I admit that I do not get to make it to many stand alone girls games but I am glad that I did tonight.  Sumner Academy and Schlagle put on a great show in front of a good crowd.  Schlagle who trailed for a majority of the game was able to get an OT win behind talented freshman Riana Lawson.  The lefty just kept making play after play to keep the Stallions close and finished the deal in OT.  In front of Washington and Atchison players and coaches these two teams made it clear that the KCAL is not just going to be exciting on the boys side.  The Stallions come from behind winning 55-50.

Elizabeth Vaughn (Sumner Academy)
It is exciting to see skilled players on the girls teams in the area.  This will be a fun race and I am not sure I can really declare a favorite just yet.  The bottom line here is Washington and Schlagle have taken a major step forward in just defending their home court.  The race will not have a favorite until someone wins on the road between the top 4.

I am thrilled to have 2 cousins I get to follow now at Sumner Academy.  Elizabeth Vaughn got her first start tonight for the Sabres and she really impressed me.  

My next investment will be in a better lens on my camera but there are a couple of good shots I got from the game.  You can find them HERE.  Be sure and like the facebook page and follow me on twitter @OdoggBrox


How about those Bulldogs, who pick up another 30+ point win against a league opponent, baking the Harmon Hawks 76-37.  Deionta Nunnally led the way with 12 and Robert Tatum had 10.  The whole team is contributing and Wyandotte heads into the break with a world of confidence.

Props to coach Sellmeyer on this format below.  

Mill Valley (-) 70

Mill Valley

Turner- Miller had a Double-Double with 32 (5 3’s) and 12. Jackson had 11 (3 3’s).
Mill Valley- Hulunberg 15, Conklin 14, Con Kaifes 14.

Lansing takes care of Bishop Ward 64-44.  Sam Lorenzen with 16, Krystian Abbott with 14, Kenneth Banks with 12 points and 9 rebounds.  Anthony Cerda led Ward with 23 points and 7 rebounds.  I am hearing a ton of good things about Cerda.

Basehor-Linwood 79-43 over Tonganoxie.  Patrick Muldoon with 22 and Jahron McPherson with 20.  

Liberty North defeats Sumner Academy 59-44 as seen on TWC tonight.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Brox Power Rankings

by David Brox,

I did not want to put out a list until I saw some results in the early season.  These opinions are my own and obviously willing to discuss.  The big part of my early rankings is going to be perception.  Who do I think will win if they played tomorrow.

14.  Bishop Ward - I am aware of the young man Cerda but an early loss to Turner makes me think they will still struggle.
13.  Turner - Darnell Miller and Andre Jackson is a good combo.  I am in show me mode though with the Bears for now.
12.  Tonganoxie - I am hoping to get to see Tongie play tomorrow to get a better feel for them.  Loss to Bonner helps set a baseline.
11.  Harmon - No one knows what this team will be until after the break.  Robert Holliday is looking like he will have a big year.  If all pieces are available after the holiday then this team will rise fast.
10.  Sumner Academy - Man that 30 point loss stings the young Sabres.  They have some good pieces but Sumner Academy has some growing pains to go through.  Until they clean up the unforced turnovers Sumner will struggle.
9.  Bonner Springs - There is upside for Bonner Springs for sure but need a solid win in league.  Both losses are not bad but finishing off Eudora without Ballock would have been solid.
8.  Schlagle - Great start but we just need a signature win for the Stallions.  I don't have an official score yet on tonight but if they did fall to Lincoln Prep that is a common opponent with Wyandotte.
7.  Lansing - Lansing has a couple of key pieces in Krystian Abbott and Kenneth Banks.  If they play well with the Lorenzen and Young then the Lions have a chance in most games.
6.  Piper - I am giving some credit here because they played Basehor-Linwood well and I am real happy with the win at Ottawa.
5.  Mill Valley - Solid win without Koch against Lansing.  Jury is still out so this has a lot to do with my perception of what Mill Valley will be.
4.  Atchison - I am showing a world of love here because I really like what I saw from Atchison.  They have two bigs and an emerging point guard.  I think they can win a number of games this year and if steps are taken make noise in the 4A-II class.
3.  Wyandotte - The Bulldogs just keep winning and I really like what I see from them.  Solid team wins led by Theo Bass and Deionta Nunnally.  FINALLY we see what these players look like in a system that suits their style.
2.  Basehor-Linwood - Basehor-Linwood is a fantastic team and this last spot is 100% based on my thought on if these two teams played.
1.  Washington - Much was made about the conversation of Washington being the KU of KCK.  They are now 37-3 in their last 40 league games.  Until a team steps up and knocks them off they can call themselves the 90's Bulls.

Lets buckle up and have some fun the next few months.

Scores 12/17/2014

by David Brox,

The Washington Wildcats, fresh off their win against Atchison last night, followed that up with a fine performance in the Hyvee Shootout 68-39 over Kearney.  The Wildcats are now 5-1 on the season.

Lincoln Prep defeats Schlagle 58-54.  Jamey Harris with 20 points 7 assists.  Ll
LaDarius Brooks with 14 points 8 rebounds.

Beebe verbally commits to Minnesota

by David Brox,

Three time SHUKC Defensive POY award winner Colton Beebe has verbally committed to attend Minnesota University.  Beebe recently took an official visit to Kansas but after taking some time has decided to join Coach Kill at Minnesota.  I asked Colton what made him decide on Minnesota.

"Minnesota just has it going for them both football wise and academically." explained Beebe, "I felt like it was the best decision for me and my family."

Beebe is easily the most celebrated recruit in SHUKC short history and we could not be more proud of him.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Scores 12/16/2014

by David Brox,


The Washington Wildcat girls moved to 5-1 on the season with a statement league win against Atchison 64-53.  These scores are not typos based on what we have seen historically from our girl teams in KCK.  Washington is a player in the league this year along with Schlagle and Sumner Academy.  I am not going to completely write off Atchison just yet but the talent on this roster is only a few deep.  Laurene Cushinberry will make a strong case for being the best player in the league if not in my coverage area but she will not be enough to win the KCAL alone.

Andrea Johnson led the way with 18 points, 3 from down town.  Jazmine Sykes with 12, Gyana Bradley with 9.  Congrats on the Wildcats on holding their home court and getting their first league win of the season.

I am not overly thrilled with the pictures I took but click HERE.

Piper wins at home 40-31 over Basehor-Linwood.

Mill Valley defeats Lansing 55-52.


I tweeted before the game that the eye test looked like a 15+ win for Washington over Atchison and I was off a bit.  68-54 Washington defends their home floor.  I sat and waited for a knock out punch from Washington that simply never came.  Mainly because the Atchison squad is good.  Wykeen Gill with a strong 18 points for the Atchison to keep them in it most of the way.  Rashaun Chambers had 17.

James McNeal (Washington)
I don't have totals for Washington but it is the same story from previous games this year.  James McNeal is a natural scorer.  In the first quarter alone he hit a 3, pull up jump shot and a floater.  He is the total package on the offensive side of the ball.  Coupled with his bigs who rebound and outlet well he is scoring on the break.  At one point I thought he was cherry picking but when you have 6'7 and 6'5 bigs owning the glass why on earth wouldn't you run out.

William Jefferson has a very good frame and plays physical.  If he developed a mid range jumper he would be something really special for the Wildcats.  I really walked away impressed with how well physical he played.

Again not happy with my pictures but enjoy.  CLICK HERE

Mill Valley 53-46 over Lansing.

Turner gets the win over Bishop Ward 59-47.  Andre Jackson with 12 points and Fred Poe III with 11 for the Golden Bears.

The Wyandotte Bulldogs win again63-54 over Lincoln Prep.  Deionta Nunnally breaks out for 24 points, Theo Bass with 18, Markeise Hall with a double double 11 points, 14 rebounds.  Robert Tatum with 4 and Kendall Dale with 6.  This team has a lot of weapons and are playing well right now.

Basehor-Linwood wins at Piper 68-63.  Bobcats stay undefeated at 3-0.