Saturday, October 3, 2015

Commentary: Who wants to be a millionaire?

by David Brox,

I did a lot of driving today.  I went to see my step brother get married in St. Louis and I couldn't help thinking about financial information that simply isn't shared with students.  We see the stories about pro athletes with money who waste it and end up broke.  The problem being that we NEVER talk about what they are really supposed to do with the money they have.  I was thinking above and beyond that.  Rather than focusing on the .0001% chance that a kid gets a pro contract why not talk to everyone else.

I am going to ask a question and if you say no just hit the x at the top right of the screen and we can catch up next time.  I am talking to the students but parents are obviously welcome to this information.

Are you willing to sacrifice now for where you want to be later? 

I like to think of myself as a hustler.  I am sure many students that I encounter will think the same thing about themselves.  I want to provide two hustles from my time in school and then illustrate how that translate to what I am talking about.

Hustle 1: Many moons ago at Schlagle students would get free lunch tickets.  There however would be kids that had to pay for their lunch.  Long story short I would buy the free lunch ticket from kids cheap and then sell to the other kids that paid for their lunch for cheaper than what they would have to pay cash but providing me a profit.  Buy low and sell high.

Hustle 2: My first semester of college I took an Intermediate Algebra class that consisted of 6 books.  Each book was on a particular subject and you had the opportunity to test out of each module.  If you complete all 6 modules then you were done with the class.  I finished the class in 6 weeks and like any smart college student hit the student union to sell my books.  $40 for the set.  Cha-ching!!!  Some people finished up the class over the next few weeks and I asked different people if I could buy the books from them because my sister was going to take the class.  Some sold as low as $10 for the set.  The Union put in place a rule later that you couldn't sell the same books over and over.  After a few more weeks you couldn't sell books unless you were enrolled in the class.  Either way it was profitable.

Needless to say I have always looked for angles to try and make money.  Early in my career I learned a ton about the stock market.  The stock market is at its roots gambling.  You are investing money in a company in hopes that it produces earnings and value to drive the price higher.  My experiences were not always positive but the knowledge is certainly powerful now.

Company A has a common share price of $10.00 dollars.  You buy 100 shares at that price for $1000.  Over the course of time the share price goes to $15.00.  You can then sell those 100 shares for $1500.  $1500-$1000 is a $500 dollar profit.  Sweet!!

Before you crack open your check book you must understand that the reverse is also true.  If the stock does not perform well and goes to $5.00 common share price then you losing $500. 

Before purchasing a company just like the examples I noted above.  Before I go bought the lunch card from one person I made sure that I had another kid ready to buy it from me.  The same goes for a stock.  You must evaluate their assets, earnings and growth potential before pulling the trigger on a purchase.

I want to be clear.  You have not made or lost money until you sell the shares.  You can hold onto them for the rest of your life and never actually make or lose the money.  You have to sell before you can officially declare a profit or a loss.  This transaction however is the basis for so much and best of all anyone can do it.  The last disclaimer is that in scenario 1 where you made $500 this becomes "capital gains" income.  Some want you to pay 30% in taxes on this money.  :)

To the kids you must understand the opportunity.  Out there exists your Amazon, Microsoft, Apple or Google.  Here is my challenge and this is going to sound like a Sunday morning at Church.  If you work or acquire any money over the next 3 months I want to ask you to set a side 10%.  Not to give to anyone but yourself and specifically for your future.  $500 bucks being the goal to setup a stock account for trades or preferably an IRA (we will talk about this one).  The sooner you can learn to sacrifice a portion of your earnings for your future the better off you will be.  Start now.  If you are an adult and haven't started then again start now.

Here are some money saving tips.  You have to give this money to your savings.

Drink water:  One of the biggest profit margins for a restaurant is fountain drinks.  Some places will charge like $2.50 for a drink.  Set that a side for savings and drink some water.  Its healthier as well.

To the other extreme eat out one less time per week.  Each week you go out, go ahead and set that money a side for yourself.  If you sacrifice then give the money to yourself as a reward.

The key is to start.  If I get positive reaction from this topic I will keep going. 

Mutual Funds
Covered Calls
Roth IRA

I am not an expert but again this information will not be taught in school so I am willing to talk about it here.  Maybe some others will chime in as well.

Scores: 10/3/2015

by David Brox,

The Atchison Redmen have a very good football team.  They are well coached and flat wore the Schlagle Stallions down last night at Washington High School.  The Stallions came out with some new faces from a week before including Brayden Sosa who is a 6'4 sophomore QB for the Stallions.  He along with the defense were better than Atchison for about 20 minutes.  Sosa had 2 nice TD throws and the Redmen were looking at a very long night if they couldn't get things going.

With 3 minutes and change remaining in the first half, leading 12-7, owning the ball to start the second half the Stallions stayed aggressive with the passing game.  They just took that 12-7 lead on a long TD pass by Sosa and a subsequent hold and punt by the defense.  I equated what happened from that point on as your power forward knocking down a couple of early 3's.  It is a good thing at the time but later when he jacks up 3 more and misses you end up losing the game.

The Kansas City Chiefs learned this lesson the hard way themselves throwing the ball inside 2 minutes with the lead against Denver.  Like the Chiefs, the Stallions turned the ball over with a lazy pass across the middle.  The Atchison Redmen who scored just 1 TD to that point had great field position and didn't waste it.  Instead of having all the momentum and the ball the Stallions ended up losing at the half 13-12 after a short Parker Welch TD.

The Redmen from that moment outscored Schlagle 32-6 and effectively closing out the KCAL race 39-19.  Parker Welch ran the ball very well scoring twice.  Gill had a passing and rushing TD as he was clearly the focus of the Stallions defense.  Adam Smith also scored on a QB keeper.  The Redmen have one last league game against Wyandotte as they look to make a mends for last years district games.

Staley defeats Mill Valley 28-21 in what sounded like a very entertaining game.  I got to listen to 810 WHB on my drive home and they were singing the praises of Christian Jegen.  I have little doubt he will be a Otis Taylor nominee.  This loss amounts to a hill of beans to me.  Mill Valley has established themselves as a 5A title contender.

The district btw is sick.  Poor Turner has 3 teams with a combined 14-1 record.  Two of these teams are staying home.  We are sleeping on Bonner Springs and St. James.  Neither have played the competition that Mill Valley has faced.

Bonner Springs invited Molly Whop to Homecoming and blasts Piper 52-0.  Conner Byers is not playing around making up for his lost week.  407 total yards and 6 TD's.  This right here is why he was our POY last year.  11 TD's and almost 1000 yards of offense.  IN TWO WEEKS!!  This young man can play and he doesn't get enough attention.

Eudora smacks Basehor at home 48-21

Tonganoxie defeats Bishop Ward 42-0

Sumner Academy holds off Wyandotte 20-18.  Shout out to the Oklahoma Marching Band that made an appearance before the game.  Lenny Green went off again.

Harmon Hawks got the win against Washington 32-16.  I could not be happier for the Hawks.

Lansing takes care of business against Turner 29-7.

Friday, October 2, 2015

SHUKC Game Previews: Week 5

by David Brox,

Sorry to be so late in the week with the match ups but life happens.  I had a peer at my job find a new position outside the company.  I am going to take over his team for a period of time which will be a challenge for sure but time consuming.  I am also having my tonsils removed on Monday so some planning around that. 

None the less lets take a look at the games this week as I am really excited about a few of them.

Staley (6-1) @ Mill Valley (4-0)

Every time I start thinking about Mill Valley I find new ways to call Coach Applebee smart.  Huge win against Derby and squash an absolute cupcake between a matchup with Staley who will provide a serious challenge.  Applebee in essence had 2 weeks to prepare for this game and has the players to get this huge win.  Staley's lone loss is against an undefeated Fort Osage team in OT.  Keeping in mind they have played 3 more games they don't have anyone stats wise that scares you to death.  Keep an eye on #23 Julian Ross who has 400 yards rushing with 7 TD's.  Their QB is efficient completing over 60% of his throws with 8 TD's, he however also has 5 INT's so the Mill Valley defense has an opportunity to turn them over if they can get a lead.

Brox's Pick: 17-14 Staley

Turner (2-2) @ Lansing (2-2)

This game will not determine the KVL race by any means but it is a very interesting game in light of some adjustments made by Turner.  Andre Jackson has become the featured weapon in the Golden Bear offense and performing well.  Lansing has a running game that has been effective this season.  Both teams will want to ground and pound.  Turnovers and penalties could be the difference in this one.

Brox's Pick: 28-14 Lansing

Atchison (4-0) @ Schlagle (3-1)

I know there are games left to be played but the KCAL gets decided tonight as Atchison has not lost a league game the last two years.  The last true test they have on their league schedule will be Schlagle who will look to use their stingy and hard hitting defense to slow down Atchison.  I will be at this game tonight specifically to see how Wykeen Gill Jr does against Schlagle.  If he steamrolls like he has through the first 4 games then only injury keeps him off the SHUKC Offensive POY radar for this season.  More importantly I will start getting excited about playoff run possibilities for the Redmen.  I could start my "Why is Bishop Miege in 4A complaining tomorrow?"

Brox's Pick: 24-7 Atchison

Harmon (1-3) at Washington (1-2)

I didn't deep dive into this last week but I want to acknowledge and say congrats to Coach Mack on his first win at Washington.  He picked a good opponent to do it against for obvious reasons.  This week they have a good chance of collecting another against Harmon.  The Hawks after their emotional win against Highland Park have gotten blown out in their last two but have to come into this game with some optimism.  Damon Jackson of Washington had a break out game last week and will look to build on that tonight.

Brox's Pick: 27-13 Washington

Piper (1-3) @ Bonner Springs (4-0)

I didn't talk much about the reigning SHUKC Offensive POY Conner Byers day last week.  500+ yards and 5 total TD's made up for missing the game against Basehor-Linwood.  Byers now has 576 rushing yards 5 TD's, 589 yards 6 TD's and 2 INT's.  This again in 3 games.  He has rushed for 141, 177 and 258 and Piper's defense has been generous against the run this year.  While the Pirates got their first W of the year last week against Ward you have to believe they will struggle on the road against Bonner Springs.

Brox's Pick: Bonner Spring 35-21

Sumner Academy (2-2) @ Wyandotte (0-4)

Sumner Academy took the loss last week very hard.  Hell if I lost in OT by a FG to Schlagle I would be pretty upset as well.  The question to this team and the seniors particularly is are you going to pout or channel that into working harder this week.  Wyandotte has struggled to say the least so right now there couldn't be a better opponent.  Sion Midgyett said at media day that he wanted to end his senior season closer to .500.  Well they have to get this one to make that possible.

Brox's Pick: 26-13 Sumner Academy

Tonganoxie (2-2) @ Bishop Ward (0-4)

Tonganoxie faced a bit of reality the last few weeks but have a good opportunity to right the ship this week against Ward.  I really don't feel it necessary to rub it in that Ward is struggling.  I am sure the bumps and bruises are starting to take their toll as well.  I am sure some would say cry me a river but when you have maybe 40 kids I am sure it gets tough.

Brox's Pick: 35-14 Tonganoxie

Check out Vernon and I talk about this week's game.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

2015 KCKPS Middle School Football Week 3

by David Brox,

I am going to try and come see this Sumner Academy team.  I hear we won't get to see them matchup against Northwest who is also very talented.  Brison Cobbins who was our Middle School POY last year is having another outstanding season.

Sumner Academy defeated Eisenhower 52-38
Northwest defeated Central 40-0
Coronado 44-14 over Rosedale
Argentine 36-0 over West

On The Dotte: The Redmen Express

by David Brox,

The Atchison Redmen in 2014 ended the season on a sour note, missing out on an opportunity to make the playoffs.  Injuries played a major role in that outcome and that bad taste from last year has been taken out on their 2015 opponents.  The Redmen stand at 4-0 and have been a run away locomotive in the process.

Wykeen Gill Jr has been near flawless as you can be at QB for the Redmen.  34/53 for 696 yards and 10 TD's, 493 yards rushing and 7 TD's.  15 yards per run and 20 yards per pass are unreal numbers.  My normal response to this would be to throw the ball and run him more.  The problem has been that Atchison has outscored their opponents 229-58.  Each of the first 4 weeks the Redmen have scored more points than the previous, 42, 52, 62 and 73 respectively.  I won't declare Gill a candidate for our POY honors yet but he is well on his way.

The simple thing to say about Atchison is that they have yet to face a challenge.  Pleasant Ridge however sits at 3-1, Sumner Academy has 2 wins, Washington and Harmon have 1 each.  So I will buy into that a little bit but in the end these players still have to execute and will have the opportunity this week to shut that noise up.

In walk the Schalgle Stallions who will have the athletes on defense and ability to matchup with Atchison.  Schlagle's 3-4 setup anchored by standout LB's Greg Sloan and Phillip Randle are going to test Atchison against the run.  Tylen Wallace as well at defensive end will also be able to get some penetration into the Atchison backfield.  The biggest question will be if when they get around Gill, will they will be able to pull him down?

Last year Gill rushed the ball 22 times for 30 yards and 2 TD's against Schlagle.  He had a long run of 33 yards in the game.  So last year the answer to that question was yes.  The problem for the Stallions is that like last year it may only take a couple of lapses against Gill to lose the game.  So one streak I can assure you will end this week, Atchison will not score more than 73.  If they get to 28 I will honestly be impressed with the outing. 

So something has to give Friday night at Washington High school.  Either I have over sold the play makers on the Schlagle defense or we will start looking at the first 4 games of Atchison's season as cupcake city.  I honestly can not envision a single scenario short of a lot of uncharacteristic turnovers by Atchison, in which I see them losing the game.  Mainly because what I have not discussed in this has been the Redmen defense.

Junior DE Dai Coye Haley is off to a fine start with 30 tackles, 12 TFL, 2 sacks and 3 caused fumbles.  Free safety Adam Smith leads the team with 42 tackles which is mildly concerning when a member of the secondary is your leading tackler but this week I don't know that this will be a problem.  Schlagle offense was very pedestrian last week against Sumner Academy and Cornelius Ruff had a very hard time finding running lanes.  You have to think this to be a positive for Atchison.

The game plan for Schlagle will have to include time consuming drives with Ruff leading the way.  The best defense against a high powered offense like Atchison is a good offense.

I am planning to catch this game live Friday.  My first live look at Gill in 2015, as he looks to thrust himself into POY contention in a statement game.

Brox's pick: 24-14 Atchison

SHUKC's Sports Pass: Ben Hecht (Mill Valley)

by David Brox,

Vernon and I got to sit down with D1 commit Ben Hecht of Mill Valley on SHUKC's Sports Pass.

SHUKC's Sports Pass: Greg Sloan (Schlagle)

by David Brox,

Check out Vernon and I interviewing Greg Sloan of Schlagle on SHUKC's Sports Pass.