Thursday, September 18, 2014

KCKL Middle School Football Scores 9/13/2014

by David Brox,

If someone can gather the KVL middle school scores and top performers I will gladly post them on the site.

Northwest 30 @ Central 0
Rosedale 12 @ Eisenhower 6
Argentine 2 @ Arrowhead 18
West 20 @ Sumner Academy 38

Coronado Bye

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Soccer Scores 9/16/2014

by David Brox,

Piper won 4-1 vs Heritage (goals by Appl (2), A. Shriver, & Wilson
Harmon defeats Wyandotte 3-1.  Hector Hernandez scored the goal for Wyandotte

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On The Dotte 9/17/2014

by David Brox, @OdoggBrox,

The feel good story of the early season in KCK easily has been the Turner Golden Bears.  They graduated one of their top offensive weapons and 2012 SHUKC Offensive Player of the Year Paul Berry.  Couple that with leading wide receiver threat Sirr Green and you fear the worst for the upcoming season.  I think what has occurred though has been a group of players rallying together and bonding in Coach Milne's 3rd season as head coach.

"Every team is different, you don't stay the same year in and year out just because you have some of the same players around.  I don't know if last year's team relied on Paul or Sirr too much, but I do know that this group feels like they can rely and count on each other." said Milne.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Turner is up for team of the week

by David Brox,

It is tough to rally enough troops at 1 school for these types of exercises.  I really view the weekly coach of the week and team of the week awards as community efforts.  One of the building blocks of SHUKC is that it takes a village.  So when it comes to these votes we must look out for our schools in the KVL and KCAL.

Turner who is off to a 2-0 start is up for team of the week and I ask for your time to tweet, like, share and most importantly vote for Turner.


Commentary: Apology to the Hawks

by Vernon Birmingham

I find great joy in the work we do at SHUKC for the athletes and families of our coverage area. Our weekly show is a ton of fun to do as we get to meet and learn more about the coaches and athletes. If you have ever tuned in to our show you know I attempt to deliver the comedy relief to our hour together.

On our last show I said something that has bothered me throughout the weekend. I always pride myself in uplifting and only providing positive commentary on the kids we cover. I may question the decision making on a particular play but will never take shots at kids. With that said, I must apologize to the young men and coaching staff at Harmon High School.

I will first say this is not being done because someone reached out to David or myself but due to my own personal conviction. In my attempt of being funny I made the statement "they (Harmon) stink right now." It is true Harmon has struggled early out the gate but my comment being based on no analysis or seeing any film was not right in reference to high school kids. It could very well be the case even with lopsided scores they could be playing much better than people within the program could had imagined.

I applaud the young men and the staff going out each week and giving their best effort. If they are playing hard each week and improving then they are making strides in the right direction. Again, I apologize for my choice of words in reference to young men doing their best. As typing this I thought, these kids could be doing something more negative and they are out competing and doing something valuable with their time and talents.

Keep fighting Hawks!

If you would like to check out the podcast CLICK HERE.

SHUKC's Sports Pass S2E3

by David Brox,

This weeks show is up on the podcast.  Very good conversation with Coach Smith of Atchison.  Anytime you have a coach that has dedicated 17 years to a school then obviously interviews like this are easy.

Some good bulletin board material coming up this week in our picks section.

Atchison vs Washington
Basehor vs Bonner

I will have the video up tonight.  Subscribe to the podcast HERE.

SHUKC's Game of the Week Replay Atchison vs Sumner Academy

by David Brox,

Replay of the SHUKC's Game of the Week.  Atchison vs Sumner Academy.  DVD copies of the game are available for a $10 dollar donation to SHUKC.  Please reach out to me if interested.