Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SHUKC's Game of the Week: Sumner Academy vs Schlagle

by David Brox,

I tried a few new things this week in terms of how I upload the video so sorry it took me so long.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On The Dotte 9/30/2014

by David Brox, @OdoggBrox,

The Schlagle Stallions moved to 3-1 Friday night with a 36-14 victory over Sumner Academy.  This is their third straight win after an opener everyone would really like to forget.  In their opening game they traveled to Topeka High and got molly whopped 69-0.  First year Coach Dwayne Williams wasn't going to let that affect the whole season.

We took it on the chin and came back fighting.” said Williams.

There are a couple of different approaches you can take when you lose a game like that.  You can just try to ignore it and move on or you can try to deliver a message.  Williams didn't shy away from telling the team what they needed to do.

Monday, September 29, 2014

SHUKC's Sports Pass S2E5

by David Brox,

I sent this out on twitter but I have been completely impressed with our player guests this year.  Jonah Freese sounds like a seasoned veteran and could easily take my spot at SHUKC.  Todd Wassman is always good to talk to as well.  We got to chat for an hour before we went live and the stories are always good to hear.

Picks for this week and a break down of last week's action are all available to you on SHUKC's Sports Pass.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Scores 9/26/2014

by David Brox,

Schlagle 36-14 over Sumner Academy
Basehor-Linwood 35-19 over Turner
Piper 61-8 over Bishop Ward
Bonner Springs 27-13 over Lansing
Desoto 36-14 over Tonganoxie
Atchison 55-12 over Harmon
Mill Valley 72-6 over Southwest


Washington 28-20 over Wyandotte

Next Week:

Schlagle @ Atchison
Piper @ Bonner Springs
Harmon @ Washington
Wyandotte @ Sumner Academy (Harmon)
Bishop Ward @ Tonganoxie
Lansing @ Turner
Basehor @ Eudora

Mill Valley @ Staley

Thursday, September 25, 2014

SHUKC Q & A: Jeremy Milne (Turner)

by David Brox,

These questions are still fresh enough that I will share.  I appreciate coach Milne taking the time to answer.

Q1: A lot was made of losing a player like Paul Berry and even Sirr Green but do you think players on a team last year relied too much on them?

Every team is different, you don't stay the same year in and year out just because you have some of the same players around.  I don't know if last year's team relied on Paul or Sirr too much, but I do know that this group feels like they can rely and count on each other.

Q2: Talk about your group of linebackers  Kason Clark, Ryan O'Neal and Vincent John all seniors on this Turner defense. All have 20+ tackles?

These three have done a nice job for us defensively so far, but they're also a big reason why we changed what we do offensively too. The thing I like the most is the consistent effort we continue to get out of them. It sets a great example for our younger guys, and I think a lot of that can be attributed to their wrestling background. They've all spent some time in our wrestling program. Coach Sierant does a great job.

SHUKC Q & A: Lucas Aslin (Bonner Springs)

by David Brox,

I am constantly working on my ability to write good columns.  One thing I am trying to do more of this year is get quotes to use when I write.  The On The Dotte piece is something I plan to take seriously but there is a lot of information in the responses I get back from coaches.  It is a good opportunity to help get some coach feedback on players for recruiting.  This week I will share Coach Aslin's responses to a few questions I asked.  It is really good stuff.

Thanks to Coach Aslin for taking the time.

Q1:  With all the talent that graduated last year in Jackson, Dumler, Mason and Knernshield it is a testament to the program you are developing.  Talk about your staff's ability to keep the train moving on offense and defense.

We have really worked the last 4 years on player development and not just concentrating on the Varsity athletes in practice.  We try to identify the players that will/have to help us out as sophomores and really try to develop them as Freshman so they are ready for Varsity football as a sophomore.  This has allowed us to lose really good seniors and then plug their loss with younger players.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Weekly Leaders 9/24/2014

by David Brox,


Krystian Abbott (Lansing) 37 of 72 527 yards 3 TD's 2 INT's
* Conner Byers (Bonner Springs) 33 of 55 522 yards 5 TD's and 2 INT's
Carl Hecht (Tonganoxie) 43 of 84 424 yards 3 TD's 2 INT's
* Logan Koch (Mill Valley) 38 of 62 378 yards 2 TD's 3 INT's
Kalem Harrison (Washington) - 18 of 34 245 yards 4 TD's 4 INT's
Ty Banes (Piper) 19 of 31 241 yards 2 TD's
Justin Phillips (Basehor-Linwood) - 28 of 50 260 yards 3 INT's
Wykeen Gill (Atchison) 13 of 35 256 yards 2 TD's 3 INT's
Marlon Chin (Wyandotte) 11 of 29 135 yards 2 TD's 2 INT's
Damon Downs (Schlagle) - 15 of 39 217 yards 2 TD's 3 INT's
Bryan Barnhart (Bishop Ward) - 20 of 46 222 yards 2 TD's 2 INT's


Logan Koch (Mill Valley) - 49 car 340 yards 4 TD's
Wykeen Gill (Atchison) - 48 car 328 yards 6 TD's
Cornelius Ruff (Schlagle) - 42 car 272 yards 4 TD's
Dewaun Wilkes (Lansing) - 47 car 248 yards 3 TD's
* Javeon Williams (Washington) - 41 car 238 yards TD
Parker Welch (Atchison) - 41 car 215 yards 4 TD's
* Marcell Holmes (Bonner Springs) - 32 car 209 yards 3 TD's
Conner Byers (Bonner Springs) - 40 car 202 yards 3 TD's
Austin Tudor (Harmon) - 49 car 180 yards 3 TD's
Antonio Moore (Wyandotte) - 23 car 168 yards TD
Austin Ettinger (Basehor-Linwood) - 24 car 159 yards TD
Travon Jones (Piper) - 28 car 152 yards 3 TD's
Sterling Owens (Piper) - 28 car 147 yards
Isaiah Young (Mill Valley) - 36 car 146 yards
Jahron McPherson (Basehor-Linwood) - 24 car 137 yards TD
Christian Jegen (Mill Valley) - 15 car 137 yards 2 TD's
Andre Jackson (Turner) - 12 car 131 yards 1 TD
Kalem Harrison (Washington) - 18 car 128 yards 4 TD's
LaDarius Jennings (Schlagle) - 11 car 120 yards TD
Darnell Miller (Turner) - 12 car 117 yards 2 TD's
Jared Sommers (Tonganoxie) - 27 car 111 yards 2 TD's
Cole Henley (Bishop Ward) - 36 car 102 yards TD
Steven Ford (Wyandotte) - 20 car 101 yards TD


Christian Jegen (Mill Valley) 25 rec 349 yards TD
Kenneth Banks (Lansing) - 12 rec 240 yards 2 TD's
Keuwan Love (Washington) - 8 rec 225 yards 2 TD's
* Jonah Freese (Bonner Springs) - 10 rec 182 yards 2 TD's
Jared Sommers (Tonganoxie) - 19 rec 169 yards TD
Cole Henley (Bishop Ward) - 14 rec 162 yards 2 TD's
Kyle Burge (Tonganoxie) - 12 rec 162 yards TD
* Thaddeus Glenn (Bonner Springs) - 10 rec 143 yards 1 TD
Turiq Sweet (Lansing) - 6 rec 128 yards TD
Wahwahsuck (Atchison) - 5 rec 113 yards TD
Antonio Moore (Wyandotte) - 5 rec 100 yards TD

* (2) Games