Monday, September 1, 2014

Player Spotlight: Deionta Nunnally (Wyandotte)

Deionta Nunnally (Wyandotte)
by David Brox,

I got a look at the 2014 highlight for Deionta Nunnally out of Wyandotte.  I think it does a good job of showing his all around game.  Nunnally is a smooth do everything point guard for the Bulldogs and he is entering his senior year.  The time has really gone fast as Nunnally started as a freshman and while the team has not had a lot of success, he has shown steady improvement.

Nunnally was named to our All Underclassmen team his freshman and sophomore year and will need to have a solid senior year to get All SHUKC recognition in 2015 but has earned his way onto the KCAL All Star roster.

Nunnally has a future at the college level so check out his film.

2014 Highlight

2014 Basehor-Linwood Football Preview

Boston Henry, Rod Stallbaumer, Jared Hiss (Basehor-Linwood)

by David Brox,

Basehor-Linwood kicks off their complete paradigm shift this week as they kick off a new season and era of football.  The amount of turnover that took place on this team can be a good and bad thing for 2014.

Despite missing the playoffs last year the Basehor team had some good pieces that will need to be replaced.  Nick Chaney, Dalton Inlow and Corey McCleary were All SHUKC performers on defense.  Basehor's inability to sustain offense last season was the missing piece and there are some new faces that will look to turn that around.

It all starts at the top with new head coach Rod Stallbaumer who will bring a new look to the Basehor-Linwood offense.  Stallbaumer who comes from Lyndon, where he had good success as a coach.  He was drawn to Basehor because of the strong commitment from the community and winning atmosphere at Basehor-Linwood.  His task however is to meet extremely high expectations on the football field from the fan base.  Those expectations that have elevated over the past 5 years because of the success on the basketball court.

Justin Phillips (Basehor-Linwood)
Stallbaumer will usher in his inaugural season as head coach with a new starting QB, Justin Phillips who is the younger brother of 2012 All SHUKC performer Jake Phillips.  Phillips reminds me in terms of his size and arm strength to Krystian Abbott at Lansing.  Phillips can flat spin it and will be fun to watch the next 3 seasons mature and develop.  One advantage I see he has over what we get from Abbott is the speed and agility.  Phillips will make some plays on the ground this year.  It will however be important for him to get down and out of bounds.

Boston Henry will be a senior leader for him to throw the ball to on offense.  Henry shared on twitter that stand out basketball player Patrick Muldoon will come out to play this year.  I don't know if it was peer pressure or players doing some recruiting but this is a big get for the team.  Time will tell how well Muldoon can do at WR but if he does show some flashes it will be a big boost to the offense.  6'6 or 6'7 WR don't grow on trees.

Jahron McPherson came on strong at the tailback position last year.  He showed break away speed and toughness that I didn't expect from him as a runner.  He started the season strong in the secondary and I would expect to see him back out there again this year.  Joining McPherson on defense will again be Jared Hiss and Tyler Kendrick.  These 3 will lead a team of inexperienced players as most of Basehor's tackles were made by seniors.

One area of strength and experience is the Bobcat offensive line which returns 3 senior starters led by Jared Hiss.  The offense has been described as a "flexbone" style.  Coach said that there are only 6 or 7 plays overall but obviously a lot of things that you can do out of them.  So it sounds like there will be a lot of reading by the runners for Basehor.

I liked hearing about an emphasis on competition during the early practices.  No starters were named until this past week which made everyone step up their game if they wanted to earn some time.  My expectations for the early year are not very high at a team level but I am going to watch closely the development of the younger players like Phillips.  "IF" the team buys in then Basehor can make the playoffs this year.  They have two rebuilding projects in their district in Atchison and Tonganoxie.  They will need to show improvement themselves during the first 6 games.  I do however think that Basehor will be farther along in the process than Atchison and Tonganoxie during districts.

SHUKC's Sports Pass Season 2 kick off

David Brox and Chris Brindle (Piper)

by David Brox,

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about the first show.  New setup and using our equipment to lay things down provided a bit of a concern.  I am still playing around with the video aspect of the show but luckily the audio worked out great.  Coach Brindle is so easy to interview and has a lot to say about the Pirate program.  Vernon was teasing me after that I had 17 questions written down so we could have easily done an hour long show with coach alone.

Krystian Abbott did a good job as well talking about Lansing.  We even got him to speak a little German.

How could you not listen to a show where you get a Heavy D, 2 Pac and the move Juice referenced all in one show?

Check out episode 1 along with our picks for this weeks games.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Wyandotte Opens New Field

Antonio Moore and Steve Ford (Wyandotte

by David Brox,

I first want to say congrats to District 500 for another positive move for KCK sports.  The field at Wyandotte looks great and no doubt gives the community and students a sense of pride.  Principal Mary Stewart was all smiles for good reason tonight.

Coach Kreiling, Kendall Dale, Deionta Nunnally, Samuel Roark,
 Robert Tatum, Theo Bass
It is a lot of fun to show up at a game or scrimmage as a photographer because I get to shake some hands and talk to people.  I immediately bumped into Wyandotte head basketball coach Jeff Kreiling who without question started pushing forward in a very positive way.  The team was in attendance tonight to help with the ceremonies for the new field and one thing you see in the picture is unity.  All dressed professionally and building a solid bond as a team.

Coach Kreiling spoke about the dedication in the weight room as a few of these guys are squatting 270 pounds.  This dedication along with the staff that Kreiling has built is a solid foundation for the Bulldogs.  Former UMKC Kangaroo and former stand out at Wyandotte Trinity Hall will assume coaching duties for the freshman team.  The staff is young which is always good in situations like this.

This isn't a make or break year for coach Kreiling but it is for this group of players.  They have played at the varsity level now for what will be 3 years.  I look forward to seeing how they put it together.

I am not going to dive too deep into what I saw in the scrimmage.  Some notes would be the following.

Steve Ford (Wyandotte)
Steve Ford was featured as a RB and ran the ball very hard.  He has always been gifted in the open field but this young man is also powerful.

I tweeted this out but athletically there is not a better set of receivers and RB's than at Wyandotte.  I am not sure it is close.  Jeffrice Wilson, Antonio Moore, Steve Ford, Xavier McKinzy all have great speed.  Moore, Ford and McKinzy have great football frames.  College coaches need to see these young men this year.

#7 Marlon Chin
Marlon Chin got most of the snaps at QB for the Bulldogs.  Chin actually came out to a work out with us over the summer and he honestly is a bit raw at the position.  He is a sophomore transfer from Sumner so that is to be expected.  He is shifty but we will have to see about him as a thrower as he has a long motion.  I walked away thinking that they will be a running team this year with Chin being able to pick up yards on the ground.  He will not be asked to throw the ball deep very often so if he can make the simple throws and avoid turnovers we could have fun following him the next few years.

The offensive line in a word was small.  I don't know how much that is going to matter as this team is going to look to create a ton of space for all the skill players to move around. 

It is official!  I watched 10 minutes of high school soccer.  40+ kids out there for Wyandotte.  I am not sure if that was JV vs varsity but great numbers.

Overall a great night for the Bulldogs with a decent crowd to go along with it.  I can't wait to come out and broadcast a game.
All the pictures I took are on facebook.  Like the page and you are welcome to use the photos however you like.  CLICK HERE

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

SHUKC Coach breakdown

Below is a breakdown of our area coach's records and time of service.

Atchison - Jim Smith's 79-74 - 17th season
Sumner Academy - Todd Wassmann 38-48 - 10th season 
Washington - Bryan Salsgiver 8-10 - 3rd season
Harmon - Steven Jackson 3-24 - 4th season
Wyandotte - Michael Lockett 0-0 - 1st season
Schlagle - Dwayane Williams 0-0 - 1st season

Mill Valley - Joel Applebee 31-10 - 5th season
Piper - Chris Brindle 26-12 - 4th season
Bonner Springs - Aslin 15-13 - 4th season
Tonganoxie - Al Troyer 14-8 - 3rd season
Turner - Jeremy Milne 7-11 - 3rd season
Bishop Ward - @ Tim Dorian 2-26 - 4th season
Lansing - John McCall 0-0 - 1st season
Basehor-Linwood - Rod Stallbaumer 0-0 - 1st season

Written and compiled by KCAL & KVL Football Historian
Kevin Booker
Atchison Redmen Information provided by Jim Smith of AHS. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Cecil Christwell accepts Ice Bucket Challenge

by David Brox,

Shout out to Sumner Academy AD for accepting the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.  Here is the note from him below.  If you are participating then send me your video and who you are challenging in the SHUKC family.

To keep it in the SHUKC circle, my player(s), coach and AD that are on the clock are:

Player(s):  Sumner Academy Football Team (Time to set the tone!)
Coach:  Dennis Hurla - Bishop Ward (A great coach and mentor of mine)

AD:  Jodie Hoyer - Washington (From one AD newbie to another...initiation time!)

Make sure that you visit the ALS website to learn about this disease and most importantly donate.

ALS Website

Sunday, August 24, 2014

2014 SHUKC Media Day Replay

by David Brox,

It appears we had some connection issues at the beginning of the session.  I will work on clipping Piper and part of Sumner together.  I will also work on a podcast version for the event as well.  Big thanks to all the players and coaches for taking the time.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream