Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SHUKC POY Transfers

by David Brox,

2013 SHUKC POY Deandre King of Washington has transferred from Labette to Independence Community College.

King fought some injuries last year and along with a coaching change decided to move over to Independence.  We wish him the best at his new school.

2014 Wyandotte Bulldogs Football Preview

Antonio Moore
by David Brox,

A new era will go into effect this fall at Wyandotte.  The obvious departures is the SHUKC Offensive POY Dimonic McKinzy and head coach Eddie Brown.  Brown who did a great job building a culture of winning at Wyandotte with McKinzy will be replaced by Mike Lockett.

The shelves are not completely bare as Lockett has some legit weapons in place to work with.  Starting first and foremost with Antonio Moore who burst onto the scene a few years back and was very productive when he got the ball last year.  Moore averaged over 8 yards per carry last year and had over 1k all purpose yards.  I can't speak higher about this young athlete.  He has matured not just on the football but is a varsity basketball player.  He was one of the top track performers in the KCAL last season as well.  Running the 100M, 200M and 4x100 relay on top of being the league champion in the long jump.  His skill set is unique and it is my belief he is a D1 player and athlete.  If he doesn't get an offer then JUCO's will be beating his door down.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Wallace accepts position as KU Women's assistant

by David Brox,

Piper is looking for a new head basketball coach as Steve Wallace has accepted a position to be an assistant for the KU Women's basketball team.

Wallace orchestrated one of the biggest turn around seasons in recent memory.  His first year the team finished 2-19 but rebounded in year two winning sub-state and finishing 17-6.  With a 15-7 record in 2013-2014 season Wallace finished with a 34-32 record at Piper.  The biggest thing a coach can bring to a team and fan base is expectations and he did that in his time at Piper and hopefully the next coach will keep that going.

Wallace has been a big supporter of SHUKC and what we are trying to accomplish.  I personally am supportive of his move.  Anytime we can get a coach at the college level it gives the area a contact for when we have an athlete worthy of playing at that level.

The players were informed earlier today.  On behalf of SHUKC I wish coach Wallace the very best of luck in his new position.  I look forward to hopefully working to help build a bridge with KU Women basketball and the SHUKC area.  Rest assured KU fans that I won't bad mouth the Lady Jayhawks again.  Once we get SHUKC's Sports Pass up and going we will work to get coach Wallace on to talk about the move.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

SHUKC's Sports Pass Season 2

by David Brox,

One thing I will miss is the studio but I am confident that we can still produce a good show for the SHUKC schools.  We are back for season 2 and I have been working on the opening for the show.  Below will be the foundation for it along with some pictures from season 1.

(Lets have some fun.  Name each of the movies that we sampled this year for the show opening. )

I am excited to have Vernon back along side me for the show.  Austin Bennett will join us as well as we go one on one with the best players and coaches in our area.  The only thing missing are sponsors for the show.  If you would be interested in sponsorship of SHUKC's Sports Pass which will be a podcast only then let me know.  Last year the show got over 23k listens and my goal is 35k this year.

Title Sponsor will be a part of the shows opening which you will hear in the video.

SHUKC's Sports Pass sponsored by "Your Company" will be at the open of every show.  You will also get your commercial ran twice during the show.

Company logo will also be on  The site averaged 15k pageviews per month last year.

(1) spot for $50 per show or week.  ~$200 per month.

Segment sponsor will have their business promoted at the beginning of a segment.  The show will have 4 segments as we interview a coach, then a player.  We will have segments to recap the week that was and a look ahead.

(4) spots for $35 per show or $140 per month.

Commercial sponsor will have their business commercial aired after a segment.  We will help produce the commercial to be aired.

$25 per commercial airing per week.  ~100 per month.

All sponsorships will be on a per month basis and proceeds will go toward SHUKC efforts in the community and to cover some small costs to produce the effort.  Mark Snyder who donates a lot of his time to SHUKC will be our technical director for the show.

Friday, July 18, 2014

SHUKC Programs Announced

by David Brox,

Getting 501c3 status was huge for SHUKC as it legitimizes what my intentions are for the organization.  I want SHUKC to be an avenue to the city in helping build up and promote the community.  I don't know that this necessarily means that I will do things any differently but again hopefully we earn the trust of companies, foundations and individuals to deliver on serving the area.

I do want to share some initiatives I am going to kick off.  All funds raised from these initiatives will be used for that specific item.  I will be making it a requirement to specify which initiative a person or company is donating too.  The funds for each will be tracked on reported on.


The first category that you can donate to is our broadcasting efforts.  This will tie into our live streams of football games and our podcast.  Both will allow your company or yourself to be mentioned during the shows.  All donations will go to supporting improvements in the equipment and our ability to build our capabilities.

The other benefit now is that any students or persons helping with the broadcast we can give you credit for community service.  So students with an interest in broadcasting are welcome to reach out to me and be apart of our work as well as earn community service credit.


Last year we awarded one 500 dollar scholarship and my hope is that through donations we can do a bit more.  So if you would be interested in helping us expand this out please donate to this cause.  Last year we focused on academics, athletics and community but I want a few more categories.  All scholarships will stay among our 14 schools.  If enough funds are raised then we may split between the leagues.

Schlagle Booster Club:

I went quiet on this topic waiting for the official status.  This is something that I want to get established for my Alma mater.  There is a rich history of alumni out there which should provide plenty of funds to boost the programs up at Schlagle.  You will hear more but there will be membership into the Booster Club with yearly membership fees based on the level you choose.  ALL proceeds will go to Schlagle sports programs.  More to come on this as I get some talks going with the administration and coaches.

Award Ceremonies:

We will keep naming All SHUKC teams and doing ceremonies in 2014.  If you would like to be a sponsor for our annual award ceremony then please reach out.  We will not be able to go back to KCKCC this year so we will adjust on the site.  The biggest cost of course is the trophies and the facility rentals.  All support in these areas is appreciated.

This is where I am starting up and what my initial goals our heading into the 2014-2015 school year at SHUKC.  I am excited to see our name spread just a little bit more and look forward to celebrating all the successes of the new school year.

SHUKC Baseball:

I have shared some of the time I am investing in the cities baseball arena.  I am planning now to coach a 9U baseball team in KCK this coming year.  I will also be a part of a tee ball team with my daughter in the city.  So if you would like to have your child be a part of this please let me know.

All donations should be made to "SHUKC" the description should specify where you would like to dedicate your donation.  Receipts for all donations will be supplied for your tax records.  I appreciate any consideration to donating to SHUKC.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Titans claim 7-8 Battle of the Dotte Crown

2014 KC Titans
by David Brox,

I would first like to acknowledge the Wyco baseball facility who hosted this tournament.  I am obviously new to all of this and thought they did a great job.  Good crowds and great competition for the kids.

The KC Titans formed last year under coach Cecil Christwell.  We played some practice games just to get our feet wet.  We played in the Turner Rec league this season which is machine pitch.  We had a lot of success and saw a lot of great improvement from the players.  The kids did great finishing undefeated.  During the whole season I felt we had a good team but we wanted to test them by entering the Battle of the Dotte tournament.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

2014 Sumner Academy Football Preview

by David Brox,

I got some questions this week about the Sumner Academy football team so I figured I would provide a run down for 2014. 

The 2014 Sumner Academy Sabres football team will not be void of talent.  They actually have a solid nucleus of both young and experienced players.  They will be led by senior RB Brian Cobbins who will look to continue his steady progression of improvement since his sophomore season.  Cobbins was an All SHUKC Offensive performer in 2013 and chose to train this summer in the boxing ring.  When I heard about this I was all for it as a means to get physically ready for the upcoming season.